FortKnoxster Community Update #1 — 2023

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3 min readFeb 10, 2023

Dear community,

Hereby our first 2023 community update.
First of all, thanks for all your support. 2022 was not an easy year for anyone involved in crypto (or most other financial markets). That being said, in crypto, anything can — and will happen; indeed an exciting space! Hopefully, we are heading for “crypto spring” and a bit more smooth sailing.


We are in talks and negotiations with various partners. In fact we have been reaching out to various partners before the launch of DieFi, and we get very positive feedback. Things take time. Especially a super sensitive matter like protection your keys, it takes a lot of testing (and trust) to form partnerships with quality companies. Our recent partnership with NGRAVE is a good example. We had many talks with them before we could release the news.

By the way, check out NGRAVE’s security test and win great price prices from FortKnoxster and other security companies.

We are working on a very BIG strategic partnership opportunity (a very known company in the industry), which could be a game changer for us. We have been in talks and negotiations with this company for quite some time, and things are indeed moving forward in the right direction.

We are working on many other potential partnerships, but as these are under NDA we cannot disclose more on this. But rest assured, a lot is happening behind the scenes.


Our DieFi platform is running stable and we have got extremely good feedback from all users. Our team are working on more features and ideas to implement, and we are confident that the platform will have more exciting features and integrations in the future. We get some pretty good ideas from the users, which we are now analyzing. We have users from over 80 countries and growing. If you have not signed up yet, please do!

Trust — or lack of..

When we initially started developing DieFi, we clearly underestimated the “trust issue”. By that, we mean that after analyzing our security measures, we assumed most people would be comfortable saving their seed phrases in our platform. Our security is as good as it gets; not even FortKnoxster can access or read any information, but boy, we were wrong! Many people are scared to type in their “raw” seed phrases, which we appreciate and understand. After all, that is what we all have been warned about all the time. The FTX nightmare, combined with all the hacks in 2022, did for sure not make people more comfortable trusting anyone. In fact, the opposite, which is understandable. To look at the bright side, the focus on securing your crypto, self-custody, etc. has never been higher, so eventually, this will benefit our services in the long run. Binance CEO CZ is continuously focusing on the problem and hence trying to educate all on this, which is great.

CZ often underlines in his public appearances:

“The wallet — and how to secure your private keys — are the hardest problem in crypto. That problem is not yet solved”

But we disagree that it has not been solved yet :) We had some initial meetings with Binance in Dubai and time will tell what this could lead to, moving forward..


Back to the drawing board. We like challenges and hence we decided to fix the trust issue. In fact that was how we got the idea to developing SeedShuffler, which are solving the problem we faced. Now people can shuffle their original seed phrases into a number matrix.

SeedShuffler converts your vulnerable wallet seed phrase into an innovative, secure 2-factor storage solution. The read-only and server less application is a free tool for the community and can be used offline. All you need is a pen, a piece of paper and your vision.

Problem solved! Now our users can store their corresponding seed phrase numbers, which are useless to any potential hacker or others. Please check out the below explainer video:

SeedShuffler is free to use and can be used by anyone, DieFi user or not.

Have a great and safe weekend and stay tuned.

Team FortKnoxster

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