FortKnoxster partners with Dopamine Wallet

FortKnoxster DieFi
3 min readFeb 22, 2023

We are excited to announce that FortKnoxster has partnered with Dopamine App now offering DieFi crypto recovery to Dopamine’s millions of users. Dopamine users can now utilize DieFi’s many cool features, making the users cryptocurrency safer and less prone to lost crypto.

The Dopamine App is much more than just a wallet. It is an all-in-one cross blockchain crypto app for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, allowing users to participate in swapping, staking, farming all within the app. Dopamine has built an impressive eco-system for it millions of users.

Dopamine App also gives its users educational content directly from the app. Dopamine App has millions of downloads. It is connected to 11 blockchains and simultaneously offers users interoperability to access Defi(Decentralized Finance) and other Dapps.

Users can also access price data, charts, whitepapers, and much more within the app. Dopamine App was created with simplicity in mind to appeal to all types of users, from beginners to experts. Dopamine App is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Adding DieFi to the Dopamine eco-system is a great step in improving value for the users. To learn more about the Dopamine app, visit

With DieFi, Dopamine users can add themselves and/or loved ones as beneficiaries in case of lost memory, PC crash, emergency, or death. After passing a comprehensive KYC, ID, and face scan security verification, access to DieFi will be granted. No more lost crypto.

About Dopamine

Dopamine App provides crypto-enthusiasts with all the tools they need to begin their journey in the crypto space. In essence, Dopamine is a non-custodial and technologically agnostic DeFi services aggregator. Within the Dopamine App, users can access all the information they need, interact with their peers, transact on DeFi protocols and access their favorite crypto tools & projects. With more than 3 million downloads, Dopamine is one of the leading crypto apps. We are a fully decentralized team spread across three continents and a dozen countries — unified by a mission to build a world-class product.

About FortKnoxster

FortKnoxster is a cybersecurity company specializing in safeguarding digital assets in the crypto space. Our innovations, security and service are extraordinary, and we help secure and futureproof Web3. Peace of mind. FortKnoxster is founded by Danish entrepreneurs & IT-security specialists, who all share a great passion for cyber-security, blockchain, cryptography and privacy for all. Our core expertise is crypto-security, blockchain and AI.