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3 min readDec 13, 2022

Secure self-custody for the crypto community

Meet SeedShuffler

We are happy to present our latest tool, SeedShuffler.

SeedShuffler is a new secure self-custody solution for the crypto community.

SeedShuffler converts your vulnerable wallet seed phrase into a secure 2-factor storage solution. The read-only and server less application is a free tool for the community and can be used offline. All you need is a pen, a piece of paper and your eyes.


SeedShuffler provides users with a unique so-called Seedbook, which generates a random shuffle of the original BIP39 word list, the base of all wallet seed phrases.

Seedbook example

By identifying the original seed phrase words on the Seedbook, users write down the corresponding random numbers presented to the left. Users now have an unique 12,18, or 24 number sequence. These numbers are useless to a bad actor, hacker, or alike.

By storing the Seedbook and the numbers separately, users now have a 2-factor secure self-custody solution. Simple, yet sophisticated.

Users only need to generate one Seedbook as the same can be used for all current and future wallets.

The Seedbook can be stored anywhere in the home or shared via email with family and friends, as it is useless without the unique numbers to match. It is also easily printable.

Can two Seedbooks be identical?

No. The mathematical formula is:

P(n,r) = n! / (n — r)!
= 2048! / (2048–2048)!
= 1.672691931e+5894.

Meaning 1 in 1.672691931e+5894 chance.

The e+5894 means 5894 extra zeros.

There are less atoms in the entire universe than this number.

(Even if there was to identical Seedbooks, it would not matter as they are useless without the unique numbers.)


The SeedShuffler tool can be used offline for any users wanting to take extra precautions. Turn off your Internet or place your mobile phone in flight mode. Nothing is typed in from the users visiting the website.

Offline Seedbook

Is it complicated?

Not at all, the process is simple and straight forward. It takes less than 5 minutes from start to finish.

Store your unique numbers in DieFi

By storing only the numbers in the DieFi crypto recovery and inheritance platform, users are safeguarded against loss of the unique numbers and can even assign beneficiaries in case of emergency or death.

SeedShuffler is a great new tool and a help to the crypto community, which lately has been highly motivated to take their funds off exchanges and do self-custody.

Explainer video

Check out our explainer video here containing a real-life example.

Make sure to share SeedShuffler with your crypto friends, together we make self-custody secure for the benefit of all.

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